Google Analytics Premium – When Do i Need it ?

Google analytics Premium now known as Google Analytics 360, is enterprise version of Google Analytics standard / Google Analytics Free. Many organizations are using Google analytics standard version to meet their business analytics needs. Now the question arises, when does an organization feels a need to move to the enterprise version of Google Analytics.

Even Google Analytics Standard version provides most of the capabilities and feature that a business can use to fulfil their analytics requirements. But once you cross the boundary and feels that you are not able to get the answer of your critical business problems using your analytics data then you should think to move to Google Analytics Premium. Below are few points that will help you to take decision to move to Google Analytics 360

Hits Volume

Free Google Analytics has a limitation on hit volume which is 10 million hits per month. You will notice data latency and sampling issue once you cross 10 million Google Analytics standard hit threshold.

Google Warning

If you notice Google Analytics warning that “YOU WILL STOP RECEIVING HITS AFTER …” since you have crossed the 10 million free limits. Then you don’t have any option, you would either have to go with GA 360 or reduce the monthly hit volume by filtering out the data from Google analytics standard.

Custom Dimensions

Google Analytics standard offers you 20 free custom dimensions. If your business requires more custom dimension than only Google Analytics premium can fulfill your desire.

DV360 Integration (DCM, Double Click Campaign Manager) with Google Analytics 360

There are many platforms for display and search ads, DV360 is one of them. If you are also using DV360 as a primary marketing platform and investing large amount of your marketing budget to it, then it also become important to optimize the ads, create remarketing list and treat them differently. Google Analytics 360 integrates directly with DV360 and provides you all the metrics and dimensions within your google analytics 360 to optimize the campaign.

DFP Integration with Google Analytics 360

If you want to integrate Double Click for Publisher with Google Analytics and you will have to move to Google analytics 360. You can easily personalize the ads to different set of people based on their attributes. This will help you to improve ads CTR and revenue.

Row Limit

Google Analytics standard does not let you export more than 50,000 rows. If you have unique values for any custom dimension which exceeds this limit, then you will have to switch to Google Analytics premium to do this job.

Raw Data / Hit Level user Data

You can not extract hit level data, or we can say user level raw data using Google Analytics free version. Big Query is the only cloud solution which allows you do that with the help of Google Analytics 360

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Google Analytics Premium – When Do i Need it ?

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