Migrate to Google Analytics 4

In general, GA4 migration is necessary for companies that wish to benefit from the fresh and powerful features and functionalities provided by GA4. Secondly, if you care about data privacy, GA4 does that for you and respect the use privacy.

Data Sampling

GA4 Sampling

Get higher limit upto 1 Billion events.

Data Retention

Retention Period

You can customize as per business needs.

BigQuery Export


Allows you integration with Big Query and DV360.


Predictive Metrics

Leverage the power of Predictive Metrics for higher ROI

+ more

We migrate Universal Analytics to GA4 with our unique migration approach.

In general, GA4 migration is necessary for companies that wish to benefit from the fresh and powerful features and functionalities provided by GA4. Secondly, if you care about data privacy, GA4 does that for you and respect the use privacy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

When should i start migration to GA4?

Immediately transition to GA4 if you haven’t done that you should use both the versions GA4 and Google Analytics (Universal) to match data. Once you feel data is correct, move it GA4 permanently and do other integration with Google ads and big query.

What is the approx GA4 Migration Time?

If your implementation was done with Google Tag Manager rather than on-page universal codes, moving to GA4 shouldn't take a lot of time and money.

How can I transfer my historical GA Universal Data to GA4?

Both the platforms are different and works on different algos hence default data migration is not possible. Alternative solutions are available as excel data exports for free users and big query exports for GA premium users. There is not third option available.

What if GTM is not available?

In the event that GTM codes are not available on website pages, a fresh installation is advised. For GA4 implementation, you may either utilise the GTM or the GTag.js technique. Both ways have their own pros and cons but implementation of GTM would always be recommended.

Can i use Universal analytics codes for GA4 migration?

No, there is no option to move to GA4 using Universal analytics script.

Why Should We go with DWAO for GA4 Migration.

To ensure that you get the most out of your implementation, we analyse, provide suggestions, and design the GA4 migration approach in accordance with best practises for that industry. We have successfully delivered the project within 3-4 working days depending on complexity of existing implementation.

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How will we help you with GA4 Migration?

GA4 360 Account Activation

Free Audit

Before we begin the migration, we provide a free evaluation of your existing Google Analytics property and recommend the best course of action to move it to GA4.

GA4 360 Support

Free Training

To help you expand GA4 acceptance inside the company, we also offer free first training.

GA4 360 Managed Services

Integration Support

We will assist you in integrating GA4 with all of your potential marketing tools. We also assist you with setting up Big query and give you instructions on how to utilise it.

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Our CRO Approach

Our experts collaborate closely with you, comprehend your company, and offer use cases to boost conversion, enhance user experience, and increase the returns on your marketing investments.

Analysis Hub

A/B Testing

The incorporation of a number of top-notch A/B testing tools, like AB Tasty, VWO, and Optimizely, enables you to evaluate the results of your AB test in GA4. The most recent feature disclosed by Google is this one.

Machine Learning Models

Powerful Reporting Features

Improved insights and actionable data from advance capabilities and versatile report customization tools will certainly increase GA4 adoption.

Conversion Modeling

Machine Learning

You will investigate cutting-edge machine learning features that can be applied to Google Ads audience retargeting.

Predictive Audiences

Predictive Audiences

Based on user behaviour patterns in GA4, automated machine learning models are created that can be used for powerful predictions like purchase intent or goal fulfilment. Additionally, GA4's conversion modelling allows you to gain additional insights.

App+Web Data

App+Web Data

Tracking all the data in a single property for both apps and websites is the most often requested feature in Google Analytics. This functionality is available to you in GA4 without the need to create Rollup property features, which were previously only accessible to Google analytics 360 users.

Big Query

Free Integration with Big Query

The integration of GA Universal with BigQuery and DV360 was another premium feature. This function is free to use in GA4

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GA4 Trainings and Workshops

Expert team of certified professionals

We at DWAO, think that data is the secret to making wise decisions and accelerating your business success. We have committed ourselves to provide the most cutting-edge and trustworthy GA4 implementation, consulting solutions to our clients. Our team of professionals has access to the most recent updates in GA4 and have years of analytics experience working with various industries. We help you transforming your unstructured data into useful insights. We have assisted innumerable businesses in streamlining their processes, making data-driven decisions, and staying one step ahead of the competition with our individualised approach and constant dedication to client satisfaction. Choose us for the assurance that your analytics implementation and data is in capable hands and the certainty that the insights we offer will advance your company.

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