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Marketing Mix Modeling

Marketing Mix Modeling is an analytic technique that uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to optimize your advertising and marketing tactics. By leveraging Marketing Mix Modeling, our team of experts help you in estimating the results of your marketing tactics; It helps your marketing team get an idea of how well the marketing plan is going to work in the future. MMM is known for defining the effectiveness of all the elements of marketing, no matter how small or big it is. With the learnings from MMM, you can also allocate your budgets in a smarter way and forecast sales.

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Lead Scoring

Lead scoring is a process that ranks the sales readiness of prospects using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. This methodology is used to estimate the value of each lead. Our experts at DWAO help you with the entire process; from selecting the criteria and data points to assigning the value. Once the results are out, your marketing team can easily determine the priorities for each of your leads.

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Propensity Models

Marketers spend a lot of time thinking about how to reach the right people, at the right time. And this isn’t an easy task. Especially, personalizing your messaging, catering to everyone in a unique way, of it can take a toll on your marketing team. But with the Propensity Model, this can become extremely fast and convenient. The propensity model uses AI and Machine Learning to predict the future; it can tell if a lead will turn into a customer or not. Once you get to know that there are more chances of any lead becoming a customer, then you can focus more on him/her, personalize the messaging, and offer that person your amazing product/service.

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Churn Prediction

Gaining new customers is as important as retaining the old ones. And Churn Prediction helps you with that. Leveraging the technologies of the modern business world - Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, churn prediction tells you which customer is more likely to cancel your subscription or switch to another brand. This insight can help your marketing team in many ways. They can change their messaging, give personalized attention to the customer, and focus more on solving their issues.

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When businesses already know what their customers are expecting from them, it becomes very easy for them to retain old customers as well as get new customers. Our team of experts at DWAO leverages the power of AI and ML to predict your customers’ choices so you can recommend relevant products and offers to them. This saves a lot of time, reduces costs, and gives your customers what they want.

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Dynamic Price Optimization

With so much competition and 100s of brands emerging on a daily basis, it has become extremely important for businesses to implement dynamic pricing. If your price doesn’t make sense to your customer, he/she will never return back. We understand this and to ease your work, offer dynamic price optimization. We use data to gather market insights like the current state of the industry, competition’s price, spending capacity of people etc. and then come up with dynamic prices.

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