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Business Strategy

The world of digital marketing is no more new. Businesses have been investing in it for quite some time now. It is the smartest way to reach your customers, in real-time. However, digital marketing is not everyone’s piece of cake. If intelligent and data-driven strategies are not made, it can cause a lot to the businesses. But, don’t worry! DWAO is here to help. As one of the leading web analytics services in India, we help you with forward-thinking business strategies that result in higher revenues, better customer engagement rates, and business transformation.

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Integration With Data Sources

Every business in this century knows about the importance of data. Brands collect data in an overwhelming number, from various platforms. But gathering all the data from different sources and using it for making unified, intelligent decisions require smart integration of data sources. We help you do that. We assist your teams in extracting data from various platforms and consolidating it into a single data set. The outcome? A digitally-smart business that makes data-driven, practical decisions.

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Automated Segmentation

All customers are different and so are their thinking patterns, behavior, and expectations from the brands. And for a marketer, it is very important to consider each and every factor before making any business decisions. With Automated Segmentation, the process of data collection and analysis becomes easy. By leveraging Machine Learning, customers’ data is segmented into different cohorts based on their demographics, purchase history, and engagement with the brand.

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Segment Activations

Businesses rely on diverse data sets to make substantial business decisions. How Segment Activations help is by dividing the database into different groups as per their attributes. This helps the marketing team in making speedy decisions, and efficient, effective future plans. When businesses activate various segments, they also open doors for more investing opportunities.

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Automation for DMP

This is the time to do smart work, and not just hard work. With Automation, you can let the technology work for you, in a smarter, more efficient way. Automation for DMP collects and merges data from all your sources automatically and helps you with the 360-degree view of all your customers. From handling data security to managing large data, with automation, all processes become smoother and faster.

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Our Value

Single View Of Customer

What is the Single View Of Customer and how does it help? A single view of a customer is the collated, holistic representation of a customer's journey that depicts his/her behavior, interaction with the brand, and preferences. This helps the marketing team make data-driven decisions, target the right audience, and personalize their content. By activating digital marketing, we help you get the single view of the customer in a very organized, efficient way.

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Paid Media Optimization

One bigger part of the digital marketing world is paid campaigns. Driven by media and huge spends, the digital landscape is changing a lot for businesses. And in this scenario, it becomes extremely important to track every dollar that is being spent. Paid Media Optimization makes this very easy for you. It helps your marketing team put money where it is relevant, and gives huge returns. This will help you save a lot, and also get more conversions.

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Cross Device Cross Platform Personalization

Gone are those days when businesses only followed the brick-and-mortar system to sell their product. Now, businesses are everywhere, at every platform where their customers are. While this opens up more opportunities for businesses to reach customers, it also becomes overwhelming to collect the necessary data. But with our excellent digital marketing activation, we make data-collection a seamless process. We help you collect all your data, from different sources, at one place and give you a unified report. It, in turn, helps you personalize your customer interactions and enhance customer satisfaction.

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Real-time Action on Data

It is a digital world where businesses are moving at a very fast pace. And so are the customers’ demands. They change on a day to day basis. To cope up with the demands and stay relevant to your customers, brands need to reach them in real-time. With Digital Marketing Activation, we help you solve your customers’ problems in real-time, provide them with offers or services at the right time, and personalize your interactions with them.

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