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Paid search is a term of the modern business world and can work wonders when it comes to growing revenue, driving traffic, increasing conversion rates, and enhancing brand value. But for paid search campaigns to work, they need to be strategized well. A specific budget needs to be set, the audience needs to be decided, past results need to be seen, and a goal-specific campaign needs to be set. As one of the best web analytics consulting firms in the country, our experts in digital marketing help you do all of it, most efficiently.

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Paid search marketing has become an important way of reaching your customers. However, understanding how it works and how you can get the best possible results is a complex task. At DWAO, we try to make your work easy by finding out what works the best for you, when you should implement the campaign and what you want for your business in the next cycle.

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Enabling a paid search campaign doesn’t just mean putting a lump sum amount of money to make your brand stand out. It is a very complex process. You need to understand the market, study the demographics, research about it, and much more. Our team does all this for you. From enabling a complete strategy to monitoring its results, we do all. We leverage technology and various tools to help you highlight your business, reach your preferred audience, and customize your customers’ experiences.

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Optimizing paid search campaigns requires a lot of pre-work - from selecting the platform to set up budgets, from location to time, from selecting the keywords to writing the ad copy. This might seem overwhelming to your marketing team. But when we are here, you don’t have to worry about it. Our team helps you with all the work and optimize your paid search campaigns in a way that your goals are fulfilled.

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Omnichannel Integration

With customers changing their behaviours and expectations from the brand, marketers and decision-makers need to brace up. Instead of just focusing on desktop or mobile experience at a time, they need to pursue a holistic approach that caters to all platforms. With Paid Search, you can get omnichannel integration that allows you and your team more flexibility and your customers a smooth experience.

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Outcome Media

No matter what strategy you apply, what tech you leverage; in the end what matters is the final result. At DWAO, we make sure that you get the desired results. With Outcome Media, we define your goals and metrics, optimize your campaigns accordingly, and help you plan based on your long-term objectives. This we do by combining the best of tech like AI and Data with our expertise to transform your investments into real outcomes.

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Cross-device Targeting

Gone are those days when businesses only followed the brick-and-mortar system to sell their product. Now, businesses are everywhere, at every platform where their customers are. This opens up more opportunities for businesses to reach customers wherever they are. We help you with cross-device targeting where we identify your customers, what platform they are using, and then deliver ads to them. This also makes sure that your customers are receiving consistent messaging across all devices: desktop, laptop, mobile, tablet, and TV.

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Every customer is unique and expects very different things from a brand. Now you can tailor your ads to better cater to your customers' needs with Paid Search’s Personalization. Using the previous interactions of your customers, their orders etc., we can customize the ads and optimize them to be more relatable and personalized. As a result, your marketing team can provide more relevant experiences and increase conversions.

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Many times, potential customers visit the websites or specific landing pages and go without taking any action. For those customers, re-marketing plays a major role. Also known as re-targeting, this is one of the most effective ways to target customers who have an interest in your business but are hesitant or have not been able to purchase due to some reason. If you are new to the concept of re-marketing, our team is here to help you understand all about the how, why, when of remarketing.

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Real-time action on Data

Timing plays a big part when it comes to paid search. If the ads are not being delivered at the right time, there are chances that you will lose some of your customers. For bringing some action to your marketing plans, you can depend on our team. We use real-time data to make strategies for paid search so you can target the right audience at the right time, in the right situation.

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