Below are few use cases for ecommerce website that you can use for your own website

  • Create personalised experience for users who come across errors on your website while transacting: Create audience for those users who have failed during the checkout process, off course you can create different level of experiences based on the steps. If a user has added the cart success fully but did not proceed further, you would like to treat those users differently. Google Optimize 360 offers you that feature wherein you can create the audience in your Google Analytics and cater different experience when they come back to your website.
  • Out of stock products added to wish list – Sometime users land on out of stock product detail pages. You can create different experience for these users and whenever they come back you can remind them with custom messages, personalised experiences about the product that they have added in their Wishlist. Interesting part is that it does not require any login to your website to deliver these personalised experience. Google analytics and Optimize 360 work on visitor id and recognise the user easily whenever they come back to your site.

How Google Optimize is different than Adobe Target

Feature wise both the tools do the same thing but you can create experiences based on demographics which is the plus point of Google Optimize 360 . However if you are capturing user, age and gender in your Adobe analytics as dimension you can target these users in Adobe Target as well. Using this data without any extra tracking you can create different experience for male and female users. You can change the entire page based on the user age, for example if a kid is visiting your website then you would like to show different experience compare to someone in age group of 30 to 50.

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