Our capabilities

Business Strategy

When your business strategies are made by understanding the needs of customers and their behavior towards your products, they result in growth and higher revenues. Optimizely helps your marketing team come up with strategies that are based on accurate data and will enhance your business performance. With Optimizely's digital experience platform and cloud-based CMS Solutions, you can optimize your customers’ experience, and henceforth improve marketing strategies.

Experimentation Roadmap

With the fast-transforming digital world, it has become necessary to first put your strategies and plans to the test. This way, businesses can save a huge amount of money, learn from their mistakes, and analyze if the approach is working for their brand or not. We leverage Optimizely’s powerful tools and technology to help you make the experimentation work through a well-planned roadmap. This roadmap helps you try new approaches, respond to your audience’s behavior, and make data-driven decisions.

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Personalization Roadmap

No matter how digitally mature we become, every customer needs a personal touch when they interact with a brand. Be it through the product, or interaction. But with so many customers and everyone with different demands, it becomes extremely difficult for brands to meet their expectations. This is where Optimizely comes to the rescue. It helps you build a roadmap that uncovers all the important data required to personalize your customers’ journey and deliver relevant experiences to them. It not only personalized experiences but also guides you on how to acquire and retain customers.

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Success Measurement Framework

While Optimizely helps you personalize your customer interactions, make data-driven decisions, and transform the digital experience, it all comes down to one thing - How much is it benefiting the business. With Success Measurement Framework, businesses can figure out their success rate. Success Measurement Framework makes the understanding of all important key performance indicators very easy. When the reports and experimentation’s tests are accurate, you will be confident that your decision will lead to success.

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1:1 Personalization

By applying 1:1 personalization marketers can gain a more in-depth knowledge of their customers’ experiences and interactions with the business. By leveraging Optimizely AI and Machine Learning tools, we help marketers reach their customers in a more customized and personal way. When they understand their customers better, their product will also be more personalized and will yield better results.

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Real-time Personalization

While personalized customer interactions are important, targeting your customers in real-time also is very crucial. Optimizely has specialized tools that let you deploy personalized experiences to your customers at the right time. This involves contextually relevant interactions with the customer or future customer, product, or service recommendations in real-time, and understanding your customers’ entire 360-degree journey.

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Cross-platform Enablement

With Optimizely, you can test your web pages’ performance across platforms including web, server, and mobile. This gives a consistent experience to your customers, regardless of the platform they are on. Cross-platform Enablement also lets you build and comprehend your strategy for all platforms in a go, saving a lot of time and money.

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Our Values

Customer-driven Changes

Your customers play a major role when it comes to strategizing for the future. Understanding their needs, their behavior, and what they demand from your business, these all points are very necessary for marketers. But with Optimizely’s Platforms, it has become extremely convenient. Once the experimentation for your products or web pages is done, we help you implement the results and make new strategies as per customers’ responses.

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Conversion Optimization

Conversion Optimization helps you retain your already existing customers while increasing revenue, getting more customers, and growing business. With Optimizely, we can help you increase your conversion rates very easily. Our team first identifies your company’s goals and objectives, then gathers all qualitative and quantitative data that can help you understand customers’ responses to your products or services. We further leverage this data to improve the channel's features, introduce new features, and in turn, help you with the conversion optimization.

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Enhanced Customer Experience

When your customers are happy, your business is successful. However, there are many enterprises that fail to keep their customers happy, no matter how much they try. The issue is that they don’t collect or use the quantified data to make strategies. At DWAO, we understand that leveraging data can be an overwhelming task and requires proper tools and expertise. We use Optimizely to harness and leverage the data to make your product more customer-centric, resulting in an enhanced customer e.

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