DWAO Assessment & Audit Services for Adobe Audience Manager

DWAO helps organizations understand their high value audiences, combine data sources in one place, create new segments and advertise effectively using Adobe Audience Manager.

We enable our clients to ingest, organize, and segment customer data for optimal performance across all marketing platforms.

We help organizations split segments to A/B test performance ofdifferent activation destinations and measure effectiveness of and optimizeby validating against successmetrics.

Before the implementation project kicks off, we help organizations define and agree on project scope, understand custom requirements, establish milestones and setup communication. We also conduct research for a deeper understanding of your business needs and data collection strategies and then training clients on strategies that can help increase their ROI through data-driven optimisation.

A lot of clients face difficulties with raw feeds of data including user IDs, trait IDs, and segment IDs, we help them with exporting data for analysis or modeling and ingestcustom output back into Audience Manager assegments.We also help them in onboarding online and offline data: CRM;customer ID; call center and moreto createpersonalized experiences thatincorporate brand interactions and exposureacross touchpoints.

Adobe Audience Manager Managed Services

DWAO offers a range of support & services for Adobe Audience Manager. Our team has delivered lots of successful implementations for a wide range of clients across many different sectors.

Most of our clients tend to work on an ongoing support basis where we offer a monthly retainer that can be used to facilitate any requests you may have regarding Adobe Audience Manager.

We're happy to create a custom solution for any size retainer or budget, or if you prefer, we can quote for specific more defined projects.

Custom Segment Generation:Organizing new, valuable segments for smarter targeting and personalization based on real-time data collection processes and back-end processing of users who qualify based on new segment rules criteria.

Performance Reporting:Understanding data and reporting needs, creating report templates, custom reports along with delivery of all overlap and lookalike reports.

Ad Server Integration:Managing a single data repository and then leveraging that data across all channels.

Dynamic Tag Management: Managing tags for deployment and data collection on your Web site.