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Business Strategy

With Adobe Audience Manager, you can easily gather audience data that can help you in segmentation, knowing your customers, and serving the audience with right experience at the right time. When you have the necessary data, it becomes extremely easy to make intelligent business decisions, strategize, and increase revenues. With its robust data collection and protection, it also becomes convenient for business leaders to have strong data governance in place. Our team of experts leverage Adobe AAM’s special tools to deliver the best use cases for your business.

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Integration With Data Sources

Businesses have data in multiple systems, and it becomes extremely difficult to manage and merge that entire data for data analysis. However, with Adobe Analytics AEM, integration with multiple data sources has become quite seamless. It allows you to gather all the data from different sources and collect it in one place for a unified view. This helps your marketing team get a holistic view of data, resulting in data-driven, intelligent business plans.

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Automated Segmentation

Companies collect a lot of data every day. Even though they know how to use it, and what challenges to solve with it, they struggle with segmentation, or in other words, segregating data in a systematic way. We help you do that with Adobe Audience manager’s Automated Segmentation. It automatically segments data considering different characteristics, behavior, time, place etc. This lets you define your target audience and customize/personalize your experiences accordingly.

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Segment Activations

Marketing teams are always on the lookout to deliver more personalized, meaningful messages to their customers. Be it for promoting a new product or retaining their old customers, every brand wants to send only relevant messages to the right customers, at the right time. To do this, it becomes extremely important to segment your data. Here is where Adobe Audience Manager’s Segment Activations comes into the picture. As an Adobe Analytics Agency, we help you get the best results with Segment Activations. By activating the segmentation, you can interact with your customers in a more personalized way and enhance customer loyalty in turn.

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Automation For DMP

If a brand needs to target the right audience, they need to understand the attributes of their customers, what they like, what they are looking for, and what will keep them connected to the brand. DMP does that for you. It collects and merges data from all your sources automatically and helps you with the 360-degree view of all your customers. From handling data security to managing large data, with automation, all processes become smoother and faster.

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Our Value

Single View Of Customer

For your customers to be loyal to your business, you should engage with them in a more personalized way and treat each individual customer separately. With Adobe Audience Manager’s Single View Of Customer feature, we help you identify each customer and their individual behavior, and their entire journey. This helps your planning and marketing team to get a holistic view of the customer data on one single platform. It also enables them to engage better with customers and improve customer NPS.

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Paid Media Optimization

To be seen, to reach customers, and to survive the business, brands invest a huge amount of money. But those big marketing bills are only useful when money is invested intelligently. With Adobe Audience Manager’s Paid Media Optimization service, you can optimize your paid media. It helps you in deciding where to invest, at what point of time, and what attributes to consider before putting your money in the marketing channels.

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Cross-Device Cross-Platform Personalization

Your customers are everywhere; they use tabs, phones, desktops, laptops, as well as offline mediums to connect with you. When there are so many touchpoints, it’s obvious that there will be an overwhelming amount of data too. How do you bring that data to one place for analysis? We help you with that. With Adobe Audience Manager’s cross-device, cross-platform personalization, we help you collect all your data, from different sources, in one place and give you a unified report. It, in turn, helps you personalize your customer interactions and enhance customer satisfaction.

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Real-time Action on Data

All businesses collect data, but if that data is being used in real-time or not, that makes all the difference. When businesses leverage their data by taking real-time actions across DMP, they deliver optimum customer experiences. Real-time actions help in offering relevant offers to customers, up-to-date services, and timely resolutions to their problems.

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