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GA4 Capabilities
Implementation Strategy

Google’s latest and the most advanced version of Analytics is GA4, known for its extremely powerful and efficient data collection and analysis tools. GA4 runs on an event-driven model that tracks down data across all consumer touch points including websites, mobile apps, and offline applications. GA4 comes with a lot of benefits, however its implementation can get a lot more complicated as it does not include indexing for custom dimension and metrics. If you are interested in switching to GA4 and harnessing its benefits, our team can help with its implementation. We are Google analytics premium partners and can help you in varied ways.

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Business Insights

Google Analytics 4, AKA GA4 comes with a lot of benefits. It’s new, updated, and is very different from the older version. When it comes to business insights, our team uses GA4’s powerful AI feature to help you get the data from all platforms, including the websites with traditional analytics. We also leverage GA4’s machine learning feature to grab cross-channel data, giving you a better platform to track your customers across apps, websites and other softwares.

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Managed Services

We help you in operating your Google Analytics 4 more effectively and in a secured manner. Whether you are just starting or migrating from another service, we make sure that your processes are optimized and automated so you can focus on more important business tasks. With our google analytics managed services, your business can benefit in a lot of ways, including enhanced security, cost savings, improved productivity, and cost optimization.

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Platform Audit

It’s important for leaders of any organization to keep their business in control at any given point. We at DWAO make sure that you always have a better grip on your business strategies and plans. This we do by our intelligent GA4 auditing service. We do all the analysis, read all data, and then come up with a report that states what all is working for your enterprise and what is not. Not just this, we also help you add more value to your organization by suggesting solutions on how to improve your existing google analytics 4 (GA4) implementation and reporting processes and giving you insights that are difficult to grab otherwise. You can also try our free GA4 Quick audit.

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With GA4, one can detect unusual risks and emerging changes before it’s too late. To help you reach the full potential of automation, our team of experts use their skills and years of experience. They make sure that your business plans are properly deployed, and your business reaches the maximum ROI. With automation, you get benefits like customized dashboards, regular monitoring of processes, and enhanced customer as well as employee satisfaction.

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Server-Side Implementation

While GA4 server side is a more effective and powerful way of collecting the insights, it is highly complex to implement. But we are here to help. We will help you with the server side implementation in a way that you enjoy the maximum benefits, and apply it to your existing technologies and processes effortlessly.

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Data Lake Integration

Data lakes work even in the more complex system. With its power to combine data from multiple platforms and sources, it makes work way much easier. But to ensure your data lake can serve your business needs and provide you with maximum flexibility, you need to have all your strategies in place. And that’s what we do the best. We help you integrate Data Lake into your systems to hold all your raw data systematically. Be it structured, non-structured or semi-structured, we consider all data, so your business can unlock its full value.

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Cross-Cloud Integrations

With complex businesses and continuously changing demands, enterprises are forced to opt for separate cloud platforms for separate work. They have different platform for security, different for consumer data, and different for internal processes. Though cross-cloud makes it easier for them, its integration can be a little tricky. To manage cross-cloud, you need a proper strategy and DWAO’s expertise. We help businesses with a cross-cloud capability that enables secured and safe data sharing across cloud providers.

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Our Value

360 Customer View

From a simple web enquiry to website visit, from a small complaint to a big product purchase, every interaction with your customers matters. And we understand that. When it comes to customer 360-degree view, we use the best of GA4 to provide you with a unified view of your customers. This not only helps you in analyzing your customer experience, but also assists your planning time in making informed, intelligent decisions.

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Optimized Marketing Efficiencies

Marketers are in a unique and a very favorable position right now. With the number of advanced technology and tools in the marketing ecosystem, marketers can turn the world around. And to add to it, we have our expertise. To deliver profitable experiences, our team helps you optimize your marketing strategies in a way that you get better results at a lesser price. Our decade worth of experience helps us come up with plans that give your business agility and resilience.

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Increased Analytics Maturity

How well a company uses its internal as well as external data, defines its analytics maturity. You may have access to a lot of data, figures, as well as reports, but as long as you don’t use it in an efficient manner, it doesn’t lead to increased analytics maturity. At DWAO, we know how to leverage new technologies to get your enterprise the desired analytics maturity.

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Better Customer Experience

It can get extremely exhausting and overwhelming for enterprises to match up to the exceeding customer expectations. Especially when there is so much data, organized and unorganized, to analyze. However, you can’t deny the fact that making your customers happy is becoming table stakes for companies. One cannot do without leaving their customers happy. And our team of digital connoisseurs understand this. They help you give better customer experience to your people.

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Data-Driven Decisioning

In this ever-evolving world, every organization needs to rely on facts, figures, and reports. They no longer can just follow their instinct. Their business decisions should be backed by accurate facts, numbers, and intelligent insights. We use our expertise and the power of technology to ensure that your decisions are aligned with the facts and figures.

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