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Business Strategy

As your business grows, your data sources also increase. Be it analytics, CRM data, call centre data, marketing data or data related to your product or service. This is the reason data management becomes necessary. With Data Management Platforms, you can make informed decisions, considering data you have from multiple sources. Data-based decisions help in enhancing marketing/sales campaigns, optimizing operations, improving turn-over time, and increasing profits. Data Management Platforms not only store data, but help you and your leaders in sorting, organizing, and giving you a 360 view of customers’ journey.

Integration With Data Sources

Businesses today interact with customers through various mediums and platforms. And tracking the data from every platform is difficult. But Data Management Platforms have a solution. They help in the integration of various data sources, which means combining data from various sources and storing it in one place for a unified view. The data extracted from all platforms help the decision-makers in many ways, from enhancing customer journeys to earning higher revenues for the business.

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Automated Segmentation

Data Management Platform has special AI and Machine Learning tools to segment data in seconds. It smartly identifies the data across different platforms and helps you in reaching the right audience in real-time.

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Segment Activations

Once the segmentation is done, businesses need to activate the data and put it to some profitable work. Data Management Platform offers seamless integrations so that your marketing team can personalize campaigns, reach customers in a more customized way, and make the best use of data.

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Automation for DMP

With Data Management Platforms automation, you can make your work even easier. We can help you in automating monotonous data ETL processes, this will help you in speeding up your business process and increase your employees’ productivity. Automation will also help you with making sure the data is always accurate and updated in DMP.

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Server-Side Implementation

While GA4 server side is a more effective and powerful way of collecting the insights, it is highly complex to implement. But we are here to help. We will help you with the server side implementation in a way that you enjoy the maximum benefits, and apply it to your existing technologies and processes effortlessly.

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Single View Of Customer

A single view of a customer is when the business understands its customers’ behavior across platforms, their demands, what makes them loyal towards a brand, and what products they like. With the Data Management Platform’s Single View Of Customer, you can get the consistent and holistic data of your customers. This helps your marketers make better decisions, based on customers’ likes and dislikes. It also lets you capture customer data in real-time, from all platforms including website, app, in-store, social media or with customer service interactions.

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Paid Media Optimization

Data Management Platform can ingest campaign engagement data in real-time with which you can understand how your prospects are engaging with your campaigns, at the same time it also has data about the customers who have previously converted on your platforms and the prospects who are still undergoing through conversion process. With all these data in single platform, DMP can predict right segment to be target and more importantly exclude the ones who cant. Both these activities lead to increased ROI on your Paid Media spends.

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Cross-Device Platform Personalization

Businesses work through various platforms these days. They want to create a personalized experience for their end customers on every platform. With the Data Management Platform’s cross-device personalization, we help you collect the data from all sources in a systematic and unified way. With almost all activities happening online these days, cross-platform personalization helps in customizing interactions with your customers, knowing their interests and enhancing their experiences.

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Real-time action on Data

Timing plays a major role when it comes to customer experience. If the data isn’t captured at the right time, there are chances that you will lose some of your customers. For bringing some real-time action to your marketing plans, you can rely on the Data Management Platform. We use DMP to integrate real-time data into your business plans. This we do by analyzing the data, understanding the insights, and then putting it to use in real-time. We reach the customers where they are and at the right time.

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