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Digital out-of-home

DOOH using DV360: To say that outdoor media’s impact is becoming lesser with time, would be a wrong statement. Outdoor advertising is catching up and getting merged with digital to show its potential. DOOH helps you reach your audience through large and small digital screens all over the world. With DOOH combined with mobile data, we can get a better understanding of who is seeing the ads, leading to more opportunities for audience retargeting and omnichannel integration. In relation to contextual factors such as the weather, time, and location, we help you optimize DOOH buys in DV360 platform.

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Audio Ads in DV360

The way we live our days and how we entertain ourselves has been significantly altered by audio engagement. Due to this, advertisers need to adjust their digital media plans accordingly or risk missing out on significant opportunities. DWAO team helps you optimize your audio media campaign using DV360 as per demographics, geography, and other factors. With digital audio, your brand can reach people who can’t be reached by visual media; it also helps you

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Integrated video Ads in DV360

Video content is present in an overwhelming quantity; it is also spread across various devices, from smartphones to tablets, from smart TVs to systems. With this, it becomes very complex to grab your audience’s attention. But our team is here to help. We help you manage and optimize your video campaigns using DV360 so you can reach the maximum people, at the right time, at the right cost. We also take care of audience overlap and duplication in Display and Video 360 platform so that your brand gets maximum benefits from the campaigns .

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Display Ads in DV360

Using text, videos, photographs, logos, animations or other graphics, display advertising communicates a commercial message visually. We use display ads to target individuals with certain traits in order to maximize the effectiveness. We use data to gather insights that can help to build and activate custom audience segments and then optimize performance.

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ADH (Ads Data Hub) in DV360

Google's Ads Data Hub allows you to configure analysis based on your specific business objectives, while respecting personal information and upholding high data security standards. You can upload your first-party data into Google Ads Data Hub and join it with Google campaign-level event data in DV360. Our team assists you in the process and makes sure that you meet your goals.

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In gaming advertising

Gaming is a new and one of the most effective touchpoints to reach your customers. Our team helps you connect with the customers with huge potential and get the best possible outcomes. We have a team of DV360 experts who leverage their knowledge and extensive research plus data to make sure the ads reach the relevant audience at the right time. We also make sure that the ads don’t interrupt gamers and ruin their experience.

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Our Value

Omnichannel Integration

The world of marketing and decision-making has changed as customers' behaviors and expectations have changed. Marketers should not focus on just one platform, but apply a holistic approach that takes all platforms into account. With Programmatic, you can get omnichannel integration, allowing both you and your team to be more flexible and your customers to have a great experience.

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Outcome Media

It doesn't matter how you utilize the strategy or what technology you use, what counts is the outcome. Our goal at DWAO is to ensure you get the results you want using DV360. Outcome Media helps you define your goals, measure your effectiveness, plan your campaigns according to your long-term objectives, and optimize your campaigns accordingly. With the help of technologies like ADH, GA4, BigQuery and DV360 we transform your investments into real results.

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Cross-device Targeting

Today, businesses can be found on every platform, wherever their customers may be. Having a presence on every platform increases their chances of reaching customers everywhere they go. Our cross-device targeting helps you identify who your customers are, which platform they are using, and then deliver ads to them. Your customers are assured of consistent messaging across all devices, including desktops, laptops, mobile devices, tablets, and televisionsIn order to give customers a consistent experience and help them remember the message, we use a variety of tools, including GA4, Bigquery, DV360, onsite personalization and ADH .

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Prospective customers often don't take any action on websites or specific landing pages after visiting them. Remarketing plays a major role for customers like these. This is also known as re-targeting, and it's an effective way to reach customers who have expressed interest in your business but have not yet purchased. Whether you are a re-marketing beginner or experienced, our team is here to explain all the hows, whys, and whens of remarketing using DV360, Google Search Ads.

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Real-time action on data

Programmatic DV360 works best when the timing is right. There is a chance that some of your customers will leave if your ads aren't delivered on time. If you want to make your marketing plans more effective, you can rely on our team. We use real-time data to make strategies for Programmatic Platform (DV360) so you can target the right audience at the right time, in the right situation.

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