DV360 Overview

DV360 or Display and Video 360 is a digital advertising platform that helps businesses and marketers run online advertising campaigns. Imagine you want to promote your product or service on the internet like on websites, YouTube, or mobile apps. DV360 is like a powerful tool that lets you plan, create, and manage these ads all in one place.

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Advanced Targeting

DV360 offers robust audience targeting capabilities.

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Comprehensive Inventory

V360 provides access to a wide range of premium inventory.

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Programmatic Buying

DV360 streamlines programmatic advertising.

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Cross-Channel Integration

DV360 integrates seamlessly with other Google Marketing Platform tools.

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How is DV360 different from other DSPs

DV360 provives everything you need in one place, from planning your ads to showing them to the right people. Other DSPs may not offer such a complete package.

DV360 has access to Googles data which means you can target your ads to very specific groups of people. Other DSPs might not have access to such a big data pool.

DV360 lets you show your ads on many websites and platforms, including Googles own properties like YouTube. Other DSPs might not have as many options.

DV360 provides various creative options to run ads as per your choice.

DV360 uses realtime and automated bidding to decide how much to pay for ads. This can help you get the best results.

Why should i move to DV360 ?

Consider using DV360 when you have more advanced advertising needs and a larger budget. If you want to make eye catching ads that appear on various websites and reach specific groups of people DV360 is a right choice. It is especially great for video and display advertising.
DV360 also offers powerful features for targeting the right audience. If you care about brand safety and want to protect your brand reputation then DV360 is the right option for you. If you are running global advertising campaigns in different countries or regions and need a platform that can handle this complexity, DV360 can help here. It provides flexibility and control over your advertising strateg allowing you to customize how you target audiences and how you spend your budget.
DV360 integrates well with other Google advertising tools and hence make it suitable if you want to manage your advertising across different online channels and track your campaigns performance comprehensively. However if you have a smaller budget or simpler advertising needs, other advertising platforms may also be a good fit.

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Go For DV360 If

You want to run fancy ads on the internet

You need to reach very specific groups of people

Your advertising budget is quite big

You plan to advertise on various websites and platforms

You care a lot about your brand's safety and reputation.

You are focused on global advertising in different countries / cities /regions

You like having lots of control over your ads and targeting

You are looking for advanced advertising options beyond basic ads

You want to track how well your ads are doing in detail

You plan to advertise on various websites and platforms

You want to integrate your advertising efforts across different online channels

You want to show your ads on premium inventories like Hotstar, ZEE5 etc

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Google Ads vs DV360

Below are the key differences between Google Ads and DV360.

1. Targeting Options

Google Ads provides targeting based on keywords, demographics, location, and interests. DV360 offers advanced audience targeting, including first party and third party data segments, custom audiences, and more granular options for precise targeting.

2. Advertising Objectives

Google Ads primarily used for text-based search and display advertising, suitable for a wide range of businesses and objectives. Dv360 specializes in display and video advertising and hence it is ideal for brand focused campaigns and more advanced programmatic advertising strategies.

3. Ad Formats

Google Ads offers text ads, image ads, video ads, app promotion ads, and shopping ads. DV360 focuses on display and video ads, offering a wide range of rich media and interactive ad formats.

4. Inventory

Google Ads primarily uses Google's search and display networks. DV360 accesses a broader range of inventory sources, including Google Display Network, YouTube, and various third-party exchanges.

7. Integration:

Google Ads seamlessly integrates with Google Analytics and other Google marketing tools. DV360 part of the Google Marketing Platform integrate with other GMP components like Campaign Manager 360, GA4, Looker Studio and Search Ads 360.

5. Creative Capabilities:

Google Ads supports text based ad creatives, image ads, and responsive ads. DV360 offers a wider range of creative options, including rich media, interactive, and video creatives.

8. Campaign Complexity

Google Ads generally simpler to set up and manage, suitable for small to medium and medium sized businesses. DV360 better suited for larger enterprises and agencies handling complex programmatic campaigns with multiple targeting parameters

6. Bidding and Optimization

Google Ads utilizes bidding strategies like CPC and CPA for search and display. DV360 use programmatic bidding strategies, such as CPM and CPV with more sophisticated optimization options.

9.Budget Requirements

Google Ads can be more cost-effective for businesses with smaller budgets. DV360 typically requires a higher budget due to its advanced features and access to premium inventory and provides you better ROI gradually.

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DV360 Features

Below are the key features of DV360.

1. Integration with Googles Ecosystem

DV360 is part of the Google Marketing Platform, offering seamless integration with other Google advertising tools like Google Ads, Google Analytics, and Google Campaign Manager. This integration allows for a unified and holistic view of advertising efforts across channels, making it easier to manage and optimize campaigns.

2. Data and Audience Insights

DV360 leverages Googles vast data resources, providing access to extensive audience insights and data. Advertisers can tap into Googles first-party data and third-party data providers for precise audience targeting and personalization, which may not be as comprehensive in other DSPs.

3. Extensive Inventory

DV360 offers access to a wide range of premium inventory sources, including the Google Display Network, YouTube, and various third-party exchanges. This extensive reach provides advertisers with more opportunities to place their ads in front of their target audiences.

4. Rich Ad Formats and Creative Tools

DV360 supports a variety of ad formats, including rich media and interactive creatives. Its creative tools enable advertisers to design engaging and visually appealing ads, making it easier to capture users attention.


5. Brand Safety and Fraud Prevention

DV360 places a strong emphasis on brand safety and fraud prevention. It uses advanced technology to ensure that ads are displayed in safe and reputable environments, reducing the risk of ad fraud and protecting advertisers brand integrity.

6. Machine Learning and Automation:

DV360 incorporates machine learning and automation features for bid optimization, targeting, and ad placement. This dynamic optimization helps advertisers maximize campaign performance by adjusting bids and targeting parameters in real time, a feature that may not be as robust in some other DSPs.

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How to create a campaign in DV360

Below are the steps for creating campaign in DV360.

1. Login & Navigate to Campaign

Start by logging into your DV360 account. Look for the "Campaigns" section or tab in the DV360 dashboard and click on it

2. Create a New Campaign

Find the "Create Campaign" button or option and click on it to start a new campaign.

3. Choose a Campaign Type

You will be asked to select the type of campaign you want to create. Common types include "Display" for image and banner ads and "Video" for video ads. Choose the one that suits your goals.

4. Set Up Basic Details

Fill in the campaign details, such as the campaign name and start/end dates. These details help you identify and manage your campaign.

7. Set Budget and Bidding

Determine your daily or lifetime budget, and select a bidding strategy (how you want to pay for ad interactions). Adjust these settings based on your budget and goals.

5. Select Targeting

Decide who you want to show your ads to. You can target specific demographics, interests, and behaviors. DV360 offers various options to help you narrow down your audience.

8. Create Ads

Build your ads by adding creative elements like images, videos , ad copy and headlines. DV360 provides tools to design and customize your ads.

6. Choose Ad Placements

Pick where you want your ads to appear, like websites, mobile apps, or YouTube. DV360 allows you to select from different inventory sources.

9. Review and Launch

Pick where you want your ads to appear, like websites, mobile apps, or YouTube. DV360 allows you to select from different inventory sources.

These simple steps will help you to setup and execute your campaign in DV360. Once the campaign is setup and launched, regularly check your campaigns performance in DV360. You can make adjustments like changing targeting, increasing budget, or pausing poorly performing ads to optimize your campaign.
To maximize the effectiveness of your DV360 campaign, strategic guidance is required for refining your targeting approach. Assess and adjust your targeting parameters based on analytics insights. If you notice that your landing page is not performing optimally, delve into your analytics to identify areas for improvement. Analysing different line items can provide valuable insights into which ones yield the best ROI. It is crucial to continuously optimize various elements of your DV360 campaign to enhance performance and achieve desired outcomes. There are numerous strategies and techniques available to fine-tune your campaign for optimal results. If you want expert advice or consultancy to optimize your DV360 campaign effectively, feel free to consult with us. Our team of professionals is ready to provide guidance, insights, and tailored recommendations to elevate your campaigns performance and drive success. Consult with us to leverage our expertise in optimizing your DV360 campaign, ensuring alignment with your objectives and maximizing return on investment

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When is DV360 a bad idea for your business


1. Limited Budget

2. Not Focused on Video or Display Ads

3. Limited Target Audiencep

4. No Emphasis on Branding

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How to Get Display & Video Ads 360 Account

Please reach out to us if you're interested in setting up a DV360 account promptly. Our dedicated sales team is committed to guiding you through each phase of the process, ensuring a smooth and seamless experience. We prioritize affordability, offering competitive rates for acquiring your DV360 advertiser or partner account. By choosing to collaborate with us, you can benefit from expert assistance, timely support, and a tailored approach to meet your specific needs and preferences. Don't hesitate to contact us today to initiate the process and secure your DV360 account. We are here to assist you and make the acquisition process as straightforward and efficient as possible, ensuring you can leverage the capabilities and features of DV360 to drive success for your advertising and marketing initiatives. Trust in our expertise and commitment to delivering exceptional service as you embark on this journey with us to harness the power of DV360 for your business growth and development.

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