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By adopting SA360, which automates multi-search engine reporting and campaign execution work, you can focus and spend more time on marketing strategy and campaign improvement.

SA360 Account Activation

SA360 Account Activation

Get your SA360 Self Serve Account.

Google Certified Experts

Google Certified Experts

Support and guidance from SA360 Certified consultants.

Managed Services

Managed Services

Drive higher ROI with SA360 Managed Services .

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Get quick support via Emails and Phone.

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Focus more on Strategy with SA360

With SA360, you would save a lot of time and hence can concentrate on business strategy rather than wasting your time on optional work.

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SA360 FAQs

What is a SA360?

SA360 is a marketing advertising platform owned and managed by Google. SA360 let you spend more time on marketing strategy and not on manual work like report aggregation, finding insights, and operational things. SA360 helps you make the right decisions, remove complexity and increase your ROI!

SA360 features that make it unique?

Automated bidding: You don't have to concentrate on biddings. SA360 performs this for you automatically based on past performance data

Reporting: Generating reports on numerous KPIs and performance parameters is a time-consuming job. You can quickly create reports depending on sources, performance budgets, etc. with the help of SA360.

Cross Engine Functionality: You can handle many search engines from one location, including Baidu, Bing, and Google Ads. Additionally, SA360 gives you the ability to combine various marketing platforms and gives you a consolidated reporting view.

Data-Driven Attribution: Based on your user conversion flow, time and business, you can specify your attribution model. All the integrated platforms, such as social paid media, Google Ads, organic traffic, Microsoft Search, etc., can be used to develop attribution models.

How to get SA360 Account ?

Submit your details or call us. Our SA360 onboarding process is very easy. It will take only 1-2 days!

What is the minimum budget requirement for SA360?

There is no minimum budget requirement for SA360. SA360 works as an additional layer and helps you to drive higher ROI.

Do i need to pay the media spends to Google or DWAO?

You will pay to DWAO using IMPS, Bank Transfer or Wire Transfer etc for SA360 services only. For media spends, you will pay directly to Google through Google Ads!

Why should i move to SA360 ?

For paid search marketing, almost all SMBs, businesses, and agencies use the Google Ads marketing platform; however, for those looking for more advanced features and capabilities, SA360 is the best option.

SA360 works as an extra layer and lets you consolidate all your social paid and search marketing platforms at one place. SA360 offers you advanced features like cross-engine functionality, automated bidding, data-driven attribution model, smart campaign and budget management, along with machine learning capabilities.

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How do we help you ?

Account Activation

Account Activation

We help you get your SA360 Account activation in no time

SA360 Support

SA360 Support

SA360 certificed experts help you with setup and integration.



Provide you strategic guidance on advanced SA360 features.

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Our DV360 Services include the following

We provide you support at every stage of your campaign starting from onboarding, and activation to optimization and KPI delivery.

Seat activation

SA360 Seat Activation

Consult, understand your business requirements, guide you and active SA360 account for you.

Platform walkthrough

SA360 Platform Walkthrough

Provide you initial guidance so you can set up the account in accordance with best practises.


SA360 Integration

Our consultants support you for search and other social paid marketing platform integration.

Advance Consulting

Advance consulting

Provide you guidance for automated bidding, machine learning and reporting queries

Strategic Consulting

Strategic Consulting

Our experts support you with strategic consulting if required to improve the return on investment.


CRO & Periodic Audits

We conduct website and platform audits with respect to CRO and provide you the all the possible causes of low conversion rate.

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How to get self-serve SA360 Account


1.Business Requirement

Discuss the business requirement with our experts.


Complete the contractual formalities.

3.Billing Setup

Pay SA360 Fee.

4.SA360 Activation

Your SA360 will be created.

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SA360 Trainings and Workshops

Our SA360 consultant will give you customized training agendas based on your business training needs so you can fully utilize it.

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