Display and Video 360

DV360 allows you to target your first-party data, DMP audiences, Google Ads lists, Youtube audiences, and others. Manage your campaign with high level of control and drive higher ROI.

DV360 Account Activation

DV360 Account Activation

Get your self serve or managed DV360 Account.

Google Certified Experts

Google Certified Experts

Support and guidance from Certified DV360 experts.

Managed Services

Managed Services

Drive higher ROI with DV360 Managed Services .

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We make your DV360 journey a success

DWAO provides DV360 accounts to both Brands and Agencies. Our certified consultants provide all type of support and strategic guidance to make your journey a success.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is DV360?

Teams can implement digital advertising strategies with the assistance of DV360. Your team would be capable of creating creatives, buying desired premium inventories including GDN, targeting right set of audiences, and optimizing campaigns with the help of unique features available in DV360!

Below are the DV360 features that make it unique?

Activate New Audiences: Create behavioral segments using GA4 and link it with your DV360 profile for targeting

New Bidding KPIs: DV360’s allows custom bidding scripts functionality which helps in you optimizing your programmatic media buys

Integrate First-Party Data: You can integrate your first party data (hashed/encrypted) and pass it to Google. You can directly integrate your first party data to Google marketing platform and drive higher ROI by optimizing your campaign based on that e.g. store conversion data

Larger Reach: DV360 provide you large-scale reach if the objective is to drive awareness or to reach new customer

Premium Inventory: DV360 allows you to enjoy premium inventories of large networks. You can search, negotiate and deal directly with them online

Better Control: DV360 allows you complete control on advance features so that you can use it better to optimize performance

How to get DV360 seat ?

Submit your details or call us. Our DV360 onboarding process is very easy and quick. It may take up to 1-2 days to crate the DV360 seat for you!

What is the minimum budget requirement for DV360?

To optimise the efficacy of the campaign, DV360 uses matching learning algorithms and needs a sufficient amount of data. You might not get as good of a ROI if you wish to invest a modest quantity of money over a short period of time as you would with a larger sum over the long term!

Do i need to pay the media spends to Google or DWAO?

DWAO will raise the invoice to you basis on your budget and media spends. You will pay to DWAO using IMPS, Bank Transfer or Wire Transfer etc!

Why should i move to DV360 ?

In comparison to Google Ads, DV360 offers a wider range of targeting options for your ads. The vast array of first-party data that Google's DSP may evaluate includes your GA4 audiences, offline audience, Adwords List, Youtube audiences, and others.

Marketers can activate media buys with a high degree of control thanks to DV360. By providing media buyers with the advanced tools and reporting features necessary for effective campaign optimization, Display and Video 360 aids in the delivery of faster, smarter marketing. With the use of its DV360, marketers and marketing agencies may get over their obstacles and get high ROI.

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How do we help you ?

Account Activation

Account Activation

We help you get your DV360 account activation in no time

DV360 Support

DV360 Support

Our GMP-certified experts help you to setup your first campaign.



Provide you strategic guidance to optimize the campaign.

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Our DV360 Services include the following

We provide you support at every stage of your campaign starting from onboarding, and activation to optimization and KPI delivery.

DV360 Seat Activation

DV360 Seat Activation

Setting up business requirement call

Supporting you with legal formalities

DV360 Account creation

Providing DV360 Access


DV360 Platform Walkthrough

Best Practices of DV360

Platform walkthrough

Billing and invoicing

Access management


Campaign Setup

Campaign creation support

Audience activation

Conversion setup

Audience linking

Advance Consulting

Advance consulting

Activate your first-party audience

Import conversions in GA4

Setting up dashboards

Strategic Consulting

Strategic Consulting

Campaign performance review

Providing strategic inputs

Suggesting use business use cases

CRO and Audit

CRO & Periodic Audits

Conversion rate optimization - CRO

Campaign and website audit

Suggestions and recommendations

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Steps to get self-serve DV360 seat


1.Business Requirement

Conducting a business requirement gathering meeting to understand your business needs and understanding your KPIs.


Our legal team will help you to complete all legal formalities to get a self-serve DV360 account.

3.Billing Setup

You are now at the final stage; our finance team will share the invoice based on your budget and confirm the receipt of the payment.

4.DV360 Activation

Your DV360 seat will be created, and we will provide you DV360 access to one or more users as per your requirement.

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DV360 Trainings and Workshops

We give you thorough training materials that make it easier for you to become familiar with all the features ( Basic and advanced level). We also provide training and workshops for small businesses or enterprises based on their particular requirements, such as training levels can range from beginner to advanced.

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