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Implementation Strategy

Mixpanel is an advanced tool that allows you to capture broad consumer engagement data from both the platform, web and mobile. The data collected helps enterprises with significant analysis and outreach strategies. Correct implementation of Mixpanel can make your data analysis a very simple and easy task. With just a few clicks, you can get interactive, straightforward reports. However, if the implementation is not done correctly, it can lead to confusion and ultimately, wrong business decisions. At DWAO, we assist you in Mixpanel implementation so you can maximize the benefits of this powerful tool.

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Business Insights

Data collection and its analysis have become an important deal for every manager and decision-maker. Without these, leaders have to rely on their intuitions and guesstimates, which often can lead to poor decisions and can cost a lot of money. With Mixpanel, you can get all the data at your fingertips. It is designed to simplify your internal as well as external data so you can make informed business decisions. The DWAO team helps you convert the data into business insights that carry the potential to unlock new doors of growth for your business.

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Managed Services

It’s time to reimagine the way you work. Why? Because we have managed services to lift your burden and help your business flourish. With managed services, we combine our experts’ talent, best technology and a customer-centric approach to take your business to new heights. When you choose managed service, you not only give your customer an amazing experience, but you help your employees in many ways too. Their productivity gets improved, they have less work stress, and they can work on more important business-specific tasks.

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Platform Audit

When it comes to auditing, our team performs a deep audit that checks for security, structure, and compliance. Our audit and assessment services have been developed to make sure that our clients have meaningful and actionable data to continuously improve their customer experience on their websites.

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These days, automation is present in majorly all verticals. However, its usage in data analysis has become more prevalent over the years. With automation, you can improve productivity by a significant percentage, save time, save money, and be always available to solve your customers' queries or resolve their issues.

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Server-Side Implementation

Many organizations that have been following the client-side method for data analysis are now switching to the server-side method. This is because deploying Mixpanel via the server-side comes with a lot of benefits. With server-side implementation, you can reduce business risks, have more data integrity, use fewer cookies, and more convenient processes. If you wish to switch to server-side implementation, our team of digital experts can help.

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Data Lake Integration

Data is a revolutionary thing for businesses these days. But the way data is stored, the way it is analyzed, and the way it is transformed into business insights, all these factors play a major role. With Data Lake, enterprises can store their structured, non-structured, and half-structured data at a single location. This not only gives leaders faster and easier access to data but also reduces the risks of data corruption and disruption. At DWAO, we offer easy data lake integration with Mixpanel using S3 Feeds.

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Cross-Cloud Integrations

Many bigger companies are now multi-cloud. They have different cloud platforms for security, different for consumer data, and different for internal processes. But this is not at all surprising. Considering the ever-changing business needs, enterprises also want to pick and choose the best. This also enables them to avoid vendor lock-in which is an expensive deal. Our team understands this and is extremely experienced in providing companies with efficient cross-cloud integrations.

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Our Value

360 Customer View

When it comes to the customer journey, there is nothing that you can compromise on. You need a proper 360-degree customer view. At DWAO, we follow a strategic approach where we get unified data from all the customers’ touchpoints, be it web or mobile or offline. With the entire customer’s journey view, you can deliver the right service when required, customize the experience for all your customers, improve the product or service as per the feedback, and even predict customers’ behavior.

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Optimized Marketing Efficiencies

The market is always evolving and so are the customers’ needs. To stay relevant in the market and to connect with the consumers in a more personalized way, enterprises need to make their game stronger. And that’s where we step in. We help your marketing team establish and build strategies that are high-impact and bring you profit without burning a hole in your pocket.

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Increased Analytics Maturity

Almost all organizations, big or small, use data to analyze their business processes and make strategies, but how well they use that data is defined in terms of analytics maturity. It tells the enterprise’s ability to explore their data and make qualitative decisions based on it. And at DWAO, we help organizations increase their analytics maturity by leveraging our expertise and advanced technology.

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Better Customer Experience

DWAO is a people-centric organization, and we do our best to embrace our clients’ business. We believe that customers are the king of any business. If your customers are happy, your business flourishes in no time. And to help you deliver the best to your customers, we leverage Mixpanel’s power to turn data into intelligent, business insights.

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Data Quality Validation

Define, manage, and transform your data easily. By creating a trustworthy foundation with plenty of context about the user actions you track, anyone can do accurate analysis and make sound decisions with data.

Data can be messy, but we help you remove the clutter. Merge duplicate events, delete what you don’t need, and add descriptions that enable people throughout the company to analyze with confidence.

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