Our Capabilities

Implementation Strategy

MoEngage is a full-stack solution that offers the most accurate customer insights to marketers who want to enhance their customer relationships, and at the same time grow their business. DWAO team helps you with the smooth, efficient implementation of MoEngage. With MoEngage implementation, you can get consumer insights and interact with them across channels, including web, mail, and mobile. MoEngage’s AI-powered solutions, incredible dashboarding, and smart customer analytics will take your business to new levels of success.

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Business Insights

All organizations collect data, but if that data is not transformed into insights, it is of no use. Business insight is something that is gathered after deeply analyzing the data, understanding the situations, and then drawing conclusions based on it. With MoEngage’s amazing data analysis tools, we help you gather business insights that bring you closer to your customers and let you uncover meaningful patterns.

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Managed Services

Are you still relying on your internal teams for all your digital processes? It might be time to get Managed Services. With growing customer demands and an ever-evolving market, it can get very difficult for businesses to rely on their process management team for all work. That’s where managed services come to play the part. We help you integrate MoEngage’s Managed Services into your systems to automate processes and reduce your employees’ workload. This also helps your team increase their productivity without getting overworked.

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Platform Audit

One of the most important processes for any business is auditing. It gives you accurate data, records, and reports on how your business strategies are performing. With the help of MoEngage’s intelligent platform audit, we ensure that you get a real picture of what is working for you, and what is not. In undertaking a Platform Audit, we evaluate all processes, review your systems, analyze all data, and then come up with reports that can further help you make important business decisions.

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With automation, all your monotonous and repeating work can be taken care of. With the power of MoeEngage’s amazing system, we help you automate tedious tasks such as social media posting, ad campaigns, customer data handling etc. so that you and your team can concentrate on strategies and at the same time, feel less burdened.

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Server-side Implementation

With Server-side implementation, you can improve your data metrics with a high percentage. MoEngage offers server-side tagging that provides your teams with a more reliable, organized, and secured way of tracking any kind of activity. Our team at DWAO understands that the Server-side can play a major role in securing your company’s highly sensitive data. And that’s why we offer a very smooth Server-side implementation.

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Data Lake Integration

Business leaders now not only want accurate data, but they also want faster access to that data. This, so that they can make informed, timely decisions for their business. Here is where Data Lake plays its part. We help you integrate Data Lake into your systems to hold all your raw data systematically. Be it structured, non-structured or semi-structured, we consider all data, so your business can unlock its full value. With Data Lake, data will now be at your fingertips.

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Cross-Cloud Integrations

Gone are the days when organizations used to have a single cloud platform for their business processes. Now, with the growing data, ever-increasing customer demands, and business’s unique demands, leaders are choosing cross-cloud computing. They may use one cloud platform for storage, one for data workloads, and one specifically for customer experience. To manage cross-cloud, they need a proper strategy and DWAO’s expertise. We help businesses with a cross-cloud capability that enables secured and safe data sharing across cloud providers.

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Our Value

360 Customer View

When it comes to customers, 360 view means analyzing customers’ entire journey and interaction with the brand. Be it through web, app, or offline, 360 customer view considers all touchpoints and gives you accurate customer information that can help businesses make important decisions. With MoEngage’s amazing AI-powered systems, getting customer data has become even faster and easier.

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Optimized Marketing Efficiencies

The increasing customer demands and constantly changing business world have put marketers under tremendous work pressure. And under this huge pressure, there are more chances of mistakes; these mistakes can cost a lot to the companies. How do we help? We help you achieve your marketing goals by optimizing processes. By leveraging MoEngage's amazing tools, we help you increase your savings, promote growth at scale, and maximize profits.

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Increased Analytics Maturity

Analytics maturity is something that represents how well or how bad the present business processes are performing. We, along with MoEngage, help you in increasing your analytics maturity by establishing strategies with high-impact results. MoEngage helps discover your services or products faster, map the entire journey, analyze touchpoints, and then provide you with the next steps on how to move on to the next level of analytics maturity while keeping the costs low.

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Better Customer Experience

Your customers are not just your priority, they are ours too. We come with years of experience, of working across industries, with varied clients, and learning all about kinds of customers. At DWAO, we apply our expertise in bringing you closer to your customers. By leveraging MoEngage’s high-tech, we help you with data-driven engagements with customers, personalize their experience, and send the right piece of communication at the right time, resulting in a highly positive customer experience.

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Data Driven Decisioning

MoEngage is known as an insights-led customer engagement platform. Every decision, strategy, plan, and report is made considering the data collected. With the help of its powerful customer analytics, we help you and your business leaders make informed, data-driven decisions.

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Our Values

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