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Implementation Strategy

An excellent customer experience is something that separates you from your competition. When your customers are happy, your business prospers too. It also ensures that your customers have a long-term association with your organization. With Customer Journey Analytics that is built on Adobe Experience Platform, we help you gather all your data from various channels and store it in a single interface. This enables omnichannel examination and real-time analysis, resulting in amazing customer experiences.

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Business Insights

Evaluating customer experiences and getting the right results are major struggles that many enterprises face. With the overwhelming numbers and unstructured data, it becomes really challenging for businesses to evaluate correctly. At DWAO, we leverage Customer Journey Analytics to provide you with customers’ whole journey so that you can get all the required insights to make informed decisions.

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Managed Services

With managed services, you can minimize the time, and maximize your employees’ productivity. We understand that all your customers are different and require personalized service. Here is where managed services play a major role. With managed services, we help you automate processes, reduce mundane tasks, and optimize performance so you can focus on revenue generation and other important tasks. As a result of this, you get better customer satisfaction.

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Platform Audit

All businesses invest very highly in the development and implementation of different digital platforms. However, the results for all of them are drastically different. We have auditing experts who undertake platform audits from time to time to see how the implemented solutions or platforms are performing for your business. Under the auditing process, we evaluate all procedures, no matter how small they are, and review key areas of design and implementation. After a close analysis, we provide your leaders with a substantial plan, list down the areas of improvement, and provide objective feedback.

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With automation, you can actually enhance your analytics capabilities. Using real-time data about your customers, we help you get real-time insights that can help with increasing ROI.

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Server-Side Implementation

Customer journey analytics plays a vital part in ensuring a successful customer journey. It lets businesses manage, calculate, and enhance their business outcomes. One major implementation that is involved with customer journey analytics is Server Side implementation. This component analysis independent parts of any particular website. This allows you to customize the entire website content for different users. We help you implement server-side to your websites and set up content that is relevant to your user's preferences and habits. This lets your customers get a personalized and unique experience.

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Data Lake Integration

Unified customer data is something that has the power to lay the foundation for your business. At DWAO, we offer easy data lake integration that makes it extremely convenient for you to access data without facing any kind of data corruption and disrupting the flow of data. By leveraging the power of Data Lake Integration, we help in breaking down raw data into structured, non-structured, and semi-structured, enabling you to get accurate insights.

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Cross-Cloud Integrations

Data, data, everywhere? Despite all the benefits that come with cross-cloud integration, there are some drawbacks as well. Especially those affecting data security. AT DWAO, our experts understand all cloud platforms very well. We help businesses with a cross-cloud capability in enabling secure and safe data sharing across cloud providers. This also helps them explore cross-channel customer interactions in real-time.

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Our Value

360 Customer View

Customer journey analytics tracks the data that is associated with customer’s each and every touchpoint, giving your decision-makers a complete 360-degree view of your customers’ experience. This not only helps you retain your customers but also delivers deep insights on how to meet the customers’ expectations. Our team comes with experience of many years and can efficiently analyze cross-channel journeys for a better customer experience.

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Optimized Marketing Efficiencies

The market keeps changing and businesses should quickly adapt to these changes if they want to stay relevant. As the market changes, so should the marketing strategies. We at DWAO are experts in digital marketing and understand the market's ups and downs very well. Our marketing experts understand your customers’ behavior and accordingly, come up with plans that get you the maximized outcomes.

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Increased Analytics Maturity

These days, there are no single channels for businesses. Customers nowadays interact with you through a lot of different platforms, from phones to web portals, from physical offices to third parties. Keeping a track of all touchpoints and collecting the data can get a bit overwhelming. When you come to DWAO, we not just help you with collecting data, but also help you uncover the power of resources you already have. We help you embrace the new methods and technology that will enhance your analytics maturity.

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Better Customer Experience

All organizations understand the importance of excellent customer experience, yet most of them fail to deliver it. With customer expectations rising every day, businesses need to pull up their socks and work more efficiently. And for that, we are there to help. We understand your customers’ demands and by using Customer Journey Analytics’ tools we get you online as well as offline data in minutes.

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Data-Driven Decisioning

In the real-world, intuition doesn’t work. Businesses need data, numbers, and reports to make intelligent decisions. At DWAO, we believe that data-driven decisions result in better customer experience, more profits, and valuable experiences. By leveraging Customer Journey Anaytics’ data science tools, we help you unlock deep insights and assist you in performing stronger analysis.

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Our Values

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