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    • 8% Improvement in conversion rate for existing customer payment journeys
    • 100% Improvement in overall conversion happening online.
    • 9x decrease in frauds
Airtel is India’s leading telecom company.

Bharti Airtel Limited is a leading telecommunication company globally. Headquartered in New India, they are the most trusted provider of ICT services with a global network across the USA, Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia-Pacific, India, and SAARC regions. Airtel Telecommunications ranks amongst the top 3 mobile service providers around the world (as per subscribers)

Higher conversion from online customer acquisition flow

In an age where more and more customers are adopting digital, Airtel needs cross-platform product analytics tounderstand the millions of customers who access its digital assets every single day

Airtel looked to the data to optimize conversion funnels,leading users from discovery to purchase into postpaid customers. In addition, the product and digital marketing teams needed these real-time user insights in order to prevent fraud and detect any issues in the recharge and bill payment process.

Prior to DWAO Airtel had limited understanding about customer signals and funnels. They were not able to derive deeper insights about customers to provide simpler customer experience.

DWAO helped Airtel to deploy multiple products on Adobe Experience Cloud. We also enabled the complete digital and marketing teams with all the products. This led to increased usage and ideations around how to improve Airtel Digital Assets using Experience Cloud products.

We helped Airtel with Adobe workspace which enabled them to have deeper insights about customers.

We also did integrate multiple solutions and migrated all the products to Adobe Launch so that the impact of all marketing and analytics products is minimal on the page performance.

We did the implementation of new journeys

We set up various automated customer life cycle journeys for Airtel. Below are the few examples:

  • Finance approved booking not completed.
  • Checkoutinitiated booking not completed.
  • App uninstall journey.
  • Shortlisted the car and not booked.
  • Catalogue viewed but booking notinitiated.
We didn’t just stop there.

Airtel completely relies on analytics reports to attribute the leads to marketing sources. We also enabled the team to map the data with offline leads to measure source wise performance for complete acquisition flow.

With funnels they discovered multiple insights about acquisition flow. We helped them to brainstorm and come up with multiple changes in the acquisition flow which led to >100% improvement in online acquisition.

Another important area was improving customer experience for existing users, we helped them to cohorts and acquisition analysis to figure out right channel mix. We at times suggested the best affiliate payment methods to minimize risk of getting fraudulent and recurring transactions from single source. They were also able to improve the conversion rate by 9% with funnel analysis.

  • 8%
    Improvement in conversion rate for existing customer payment journeys
  • 100%
    Improvement in overall conversion happening online
  • 9x
    decrease in frauds

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