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Enhanced Conversion and Conversion Modelling Benefits

Benefits of Enhanced conversions for Marketers

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Feb 22, 2024 | 7 Minutes | |

What is Enhanced Conversion?

By utilizing the enhanced conversion feature, marketers transmit first-party data to Google Ads through the SHA256 hashing algorithm. The first-party data, encompassing information such as mobile numbers, phone numbers, email addresses, names, and addresses, assists Google in correlating this data with user logged-in data across various platforms like YouTube, Gmail, and the Google Play Store.

How does enhanced conversion works?


Key Points to remember for enhanced conversions.

  • Enhanced Conversion improves conversion data quality by mapping 1st party-hashed data with the data available at Google, such as the signed-in user data.


How much time does it take to see the enhanced conversion?

It requires 30 days of training before you begin to observe the impact on your reporting. Once this training is completed, you will start receiving reports on enhanced conversion data. You can check the “Status” column of your conversion and notice recording enhanced conversion in your reports.


What is conversion modelling?

Conversion modeling is a process employed by Google to forecast unobserved conversions. When a conversion is identified using cookies or other identifiers, it is called as an observed conversion. However, when cookies or other identifiers are unavailable, Google cannot establish a connection between ad interactions and conversions. In such scenarios, Google uses machine learning algorithms to predict unobserved conversions based on observed conversion data. These conversions are called as Modelled Conversion.


Key Points to remember for modelled conversions.

  • Modelled conversions refer to conversions that are estimated or predicted by Google's machine learning algorithms.
  • These conversions are derived based on patterns and trends observed in the available data.
  • Modelled conversions are especially relevant in when its difficult to track conversions directly such as in cases of
    • offline conversions
    • conversions occurring across multiple devices.



Modelled conversions involve Google's estimation & machine-learning algorithms. This can be applied for offline data and cross browser data or data from multiple devices.

Enhanced conversion is a feature that uses 1st party data along with the conversion to map the conversion with logged-in user data. It can only be applicable with the conversion data collected from your website. Data import to GA4, phone calls or offline conversions are not eligible for enhanced conversion.


Benefits of Enhanced Conversion and  Conversion Modelling

  • Improve Accuracy: Giving more information helps track how well ads are working more accurately
  • Better Optimization: With more accurate conversion data, advertisers can optimize their campaigns which means which means you drive higher ROI.
  • Cross-Platform Tracking: Enhanced Conversion allows for tracking conversions across different platforms and devices and ultimately help with holistic view of user across multiple devices.
  • Advanced Targeting: With enhanced conversion data, advertisers can create more targeted and personalised campaigns.



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