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"Not Set" in GA4 Landing Page Reports

Impact & How to fix it

By Mohit Shekhawat
Feb 13, 2024 | 5 Minutes | |


Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is like a detective tool for websites, showing us who visits, where they go, and what they do. But sometimes, it surprises us with a mysterious label: "Not Set." Let's uncover what this label means in landing page reports and why it matters.


Understanding Landing Page Reports

Landing page reports in GA4 serve as a fundamental component for understanding user interactions upon entering a website. They provide crucial information about the initial touchpoints of user journeys, shedding light on which pages users land on before navigating further or exiting the site. These insights are invaluable for optimizing marketing strategies, improving user experience, and enhancing conversion rates.


The Mystery of "Not Set"

Despite the wealth of data offered by GA4, analysts frequently encounter the perplexing label "Not Set" in landing page reports. This label typically appears when GA4 fails to attribute a specific landing page to a user session. Consequently, instead of displaying the actual landing page URL, GA4 resorts to labelling it as "Not Set," leaving analysts with a void in their data interpretation.


Causes of "Not Set" In Landing Page reports:

Several factors contribute to the occurrence of "Not Set" in GA4 landing page reports, including:

  1. Redirects and External Links: When users access a website through redirects or external links, GA4 may struggle to accurately attribute the landing page, resulting in the classification of "Not Set."
  2. JavaScript Events: Dynamic content loading and JavaScript events can sometimes interfere with GA4's ability to capture landing page data effectively, leading to instances of "Not Set."
  3. Privacy Measures: With growing concerns around user privacy and data protection, browsers and extensions increasingly employ mechanisms to restrict tracking scripts, potentially hindering GA4's ability to capture landing page information.


Impact on Data Analysis

The presence of "Not Set" in landing page reports can significantly impact data analysis and decision-making processes. Without clear visibility into users' initial interactions with the website, marketers may struggle to accurately assess campaign performance, identify high-performing landing pages, or diagnose issues within the conversion funnel. Consequently, the integrity of marketing strategies and optimization efforts may be compromised.


How to Fix It:

While the presence of "Not Set" poses challenges, proactive measures can mitigate its impact:

  • URL Tagging: Implementing UTM parameters or other URL tagging methods enables more precise tracking of campaign-specific landing pages, reducing the likelihood of "Not Set" occurrences.
  • Refinement of Tracking Code: Regularly review and refine tracking code implementations to ensure compatibility with evolving web technologies and user privacy measures.
  • Enhanced Data Collection: Leverage additional data collection methods, such as server-side tracking or enhanced measurement features, to supplement GA4's capabilities and capture comprehensive landing page data.



While "Not Set" might seem like a mystery, understanding why it happens and how to deal with it helps us get clearer pictures of our website's visitors. By solving this puzzle, we can make better decisions and create smoother experiences for everyone who steps through our digital doors.


Mohit Shekhawat

Analytics Consultant
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